We show you photos of our activity in the capture of the Red Tuna of Estrecho®, the best tuna that you will ever taste. The JC Mackintosh Tuna.

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Our Fishing is 100% Ecological and Sustainable

Los productos del mar que provienen de nuestra flota de pesca, cumplen con el estándar medioambiental para la pesca sostenible. Así se puede reconocer el Atún Rojo del Estrecho JC Mackintosh proviene de un recurso sostenible certificado. De esta forma, la ecoetiqueta facilita al consumidor su trazabilidad y poder elegir por la mejor opción medioambiental a la hora de comprar productos del mar.

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Guarantee and Quality of Bluefin Tuna

When we taste tuna in each of its multiple culinary varieties, very few consumers realize the importance of the different stages of management that these fish go through from the moment of fishing to their gastronomic presentation on our menus. In the tuna, the different phases of management are of a very important repercussion in terms of their future quality. Any failure to handle it, however minimal it may be, will damage it in a considerable and irreversible way, deprecing it and even in some cases rendering it useless or preventing access to markets as demanding as Japanese, which usually pays high prices for them.

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Why is this the best bluefin tuna in the world?


This is intended to be an article that reflects the passage of who spends a lot of time studying the wonderful world of Tuna contributing their knowledge acquired in distant Japan. It is necessary to start from the maximum rigor observing the valid argument that glimpses the current panorama and for something more than thousands of years ago ... We are right in the zone of passage of the Wild Tuna when it naturally has its best conditions for the consumption of the human being !

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The Ike Jime Method

What is the Ike Jime?
The Ikejime (活 け 締 め) or Ikijime (活 き 締 め) is the most humane method of fish sacrifice that exists, and which, in turn, maintains the organoleptic qualities intact, greatly improving its color, flavor and texture. meat.
As soon as a fish is caught, many chemical processes occur that affect its flesh. The fish begins to suffer a series of nervous stimuli and secretes lactic acid in its meat that causes the fish to acquire a metallic taste and with a fall of PH accelerates the process of degradation of the meat. To avoid this, the Ike Jime was developed. As you can guess by its name, the technique is native to Japan, a country where products from the sea have a great weight in its culinary culture.What is the Ike Jime?

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Our Bluefin Tuna

  • Tiradito


  • Lomo Ahumado

    Lomo Ahumado

  • Morrillo


  • Lomo Bajo

    Lomo Bajo

  • Ventresca


  • Lomo Alto

    Lomo Alto

  • Migas


  • Parpatana


  • Facera


  • Galete


  • Ventresca Ahumada

    Ventresca Ahumada

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