JC Mackintosh wins the "Oscar" for flavor

The Smoked Loin Carpaccio and the Smoked Ventresca Carpaccio have achieved the most recognized independent certification in the world of taste. This award is hosted by the prestigious Brussels-based International Taste Institute, the leading organization dedicated promoting superior tasting food products, whose jury is made up of the best chefs in the world. JC Mackintosh has won this certificate to the first Wild-Caught Smoked Bluefin Tuna in the market. A unique product world-wide born in Tarifa. 

A good start of the year for JC Mackintosh. A prestigious recognition based on a blind tasting conducted by an expert and independent jury of more than 200 of the best Chefs in the world, is the highest recognition of JC Mackintosh's efforts to produce a unique product of the highest possible quality.

This range of top quality smoked products began to be forged two years ago in Tarifa and after a long trial and error processes, JC Mackintosh has managed to master.

This product is unique. First of all, it is a wild-caught bluefin tuna, fished  following a process learned in Japan and improved in Spain that provides the best possible quality that can be found in bluefin tuna.

This process includes slaughtering without stress and with minimal suffering, total bleeding, immediate gutting to avoid the appearance of anisakis and fast cooling. All this carried out on board, by hand and immediately after a catch has been made. JC Mackintosh is the only fishery doing this process in Europe, and it is known as the JC Mackintosh technique.

Then there is the smoking process, which is a natural cold smoking using oak, beech and barrels from La Rioja Alavesa. The wood combustion process is kept below 30ºC and without a flame so that the smoke is impregnated in the meat, preventing it from losing its innate qualities as a consequence of a high heat treatment. The process is carried out by the master smokers of Keia, in Bizkaia. This product has a woody taste and smell unmatched by other chemical smoking methods or other tuna quality inferior to the king of the family, which is bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus).

The consensus is unanimous, tasting it means adding a new experience to your sensory catalog.

International Taste Institute, world leaders in flavor.

The products are tasted by a large panel of experts and world leaders in flavor; members of the most prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers Associations in the world, based on a strict tasting methodology 100% focused on FLAVOR.

Jury members include chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants such as El Bulli (Spain), Ledoyen (Paris), Le Ritz (Paris) or Le Jules Vernes (Paris). Their talents are recognized in various culinary competitions or by renowned institutions such as Le guide Michelin or Gault & Millau. All of them are external and independent flavor experts from more than 20 countries.

An objective and independent tasting process.

The products are evaluated in a blind tasting process, following a systematic approach based on the international method of hedonic sensory analysis. The products are prepared and presented according to a strict protocol guaranteeing maximum objectivity. Each product is evaluated and qualified according to its intrinsic organoleptic quality. Each member of the jury evaluates and rates the product on their own, in silence and without communication with other members of the jury.

The Results of the SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD 2021

A prestigious jury has judged different aspects of the product, such as the smell, the taste or the first impression. In all of them, both the Smoked Loin Carpaccio and the Smoked Ventresca Carpaccio, obtained more than a 90% score, achieving three gold stars in the most recognized independent sensory certification in the world.

General comments

· An excellent product with a very successful balance between the sweetness of the fish and the smoky aroma.

· An impressive carpaccio with fat that melts with the meat and a subtle smoky character.

· A high quality product with appetizing aromas of smoked tuna and a pleasant and tender mouthfeel.


· Excellent visual appearance with beautiful color and fine cut.

· This carpaccio is very finely cut and represents a tasty piece of fish.

· An impressive and well presented product suggesting a high quality product.


· The nose is pleasant and inviting, with lovely smoky aromas that add interest.

· Rather light and discreet aromas that whet the appetite.

· Persistent aromas that are typical of smoked tuna and that make you want to eat.


· This product is full of flavor and the fat in the meat is perfectly balanced by the smoky flavors.

· The taste of raw tuna is respected and it has been seasoned very well.

· Fine and intense flavor that is not too salty.


· Beautiful soft and flexible texture that melts very well in the mouth.

· This carpaccio has a great structure that enhances the tasting experience.

· Clean and transparent carpaccio that is not too sticky or too dry.


The sustainability of fishing resources, human development and respect for the environment are our values. 100% of our products come from a wild environment and are subject to strict quotas to ensure their sustainability, thus addressing the problem of overfishing and ensuring the livelihoods of marine reserves.


JC Mackintosh has always cultivated excellence. Taste, quality and food safety are our commitments. From the sea to your tables, we carry out rigorous controls combining tradition, experience and the most modern technique. To achieve this goal, JC Mackintosh has its own quality protocol. The fishing, slaughter, preparation and delivery processes are controlled according to the strictest food safety requirements.

Our Bluefin Tuna

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