Tarifa and Oma, two cities united by bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna is in constant migration around the globe´s great seas and vast oceans, but there are two places where it can be found throughout the year. One is in Spain and the other one in Japan.

These two places, 15,000 km apart, due to their geographical circumstances, are perfect for bluefin tuna to feel at home with no need to migrate. Two places with strong currents, perfect temperature and abundant food. One is the Strait of Tsugaru, between the island of Hokaido and the Japan´s main island, with a distance of 19km and a depth of 200m. The other is the Strait of Gibraltar, between Spain and Morocco, with a distance of 14km and 900m deep. Observing these two places on a map, the similarity between the two places is surprising. They both have a wide gulf, both have a small island in their most neighboring cities, Tarifa in Gibraltar´s, and Ōma in Tsugaru´s.

Bluefin tuna from the Strait of Tsugaru is the most precious among experts, not in vain it has its own identity, it is known as Hon-maguro. From Oma comes the most expensive tuna ever sold. The last one was sold in 2019 for a mind-blowing  2.7 million euros.

But marketing strategies aside, the truth is that both Ōma and Tarifa are two cities united by the tradition of bluefin tuna fishing like no others in the world. At JC Mackintosh we recognize and appreciate how fortunate we are to live in such a special place and to work with such a valued product. That is why we have Ōma as a benchmark for good work and we have traveled there to learn from the best. Our dream is to, as it happens with Oma´s bluefin tuna, make the most valued bluefin tuna in Europe to be the bluefin tuna wild-caught from Tarifa. This would guarantee the success manifested on two aspects, one hand a richer local economy and on the other hand the perpetuity of the species. As we know, both of these aspects are difficult to obtain but very easy to destroy.

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